Tips For Tryout Preparation With Coach Daniel McKell

A new feature by Carina Sammartino

SoccerToday Interview with Daniel McKell — a former pro and college soccer player, San Marcos High School Girls Varsity Coach, LA Galaxy San Diego coach, and owner of Soccer 360.  

The USA is a huge country and there are many levels of competitive soccer. Here is great information for soccer parents –information on how to help their youth soccer player prepare for youth soccer club tryouts.

Youth Soccer News: It’s that dreaded time of year again … soccer tryouts. For some players, this could be the time they hope to shine and make that higher team. Other youth soccer players could just be trying to make ANY team.

Regardless of which group your player is in, it’s important to know there is in fact a process to preparing for tryouts; it’s about knowing how to be your best to get the attention of coaches. Think of it like a job interview – you could “wing it,” or you could be prepared by knowing what questions you might be asked, how best to show off your skills, and what your future employer (club/coach) is looking for.

Sammartino spoke with Daniel McKell, elite youth soccer coach and former professional and college player, about what players and parents should do to prepare for tryouts. Having been through the tryout process dozens of times, as both a player and a coach, McKell says there is specific prep work to be done, by both parents and players.

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